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Live Edge Dining Table Elm
A bespoke live-edge Dining Table, crafted by Sorrell & Smith from 600 year old solid Yew – an absolute masterpiece!

Custom Made Tables

We specialise in crafting beautiful live-edge or straight edge dining tables, desks, kitchen worktops and more, made to your exact size and specifications.

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We work with you to conceptualise a unique and stand-out piece that is unmistakably Sorrell & Smith.


We can provide ultra unique and bespoke designs including amazing steel art legs


Crafted to perfection with meticulous attention to detail. Create a stunning focal point for your space.


Craftsmanship of the finest quality allow us to do justice to slabs from some of the finest trees in the world.

Unleash your creativity and bring your unique vision to life with Sorrell & Smith. We are dedicated to fulfilling bespoke requests and turning your wildest ideas into reality.

Whether you envision a grand waney edge dining table or desk, or even a beautiful conference table as the centrepiece of your space with your logo embedded in surface, we are here to help you through every step of the process from wood selection to final design and dimensions. Don’t settle for ordinary, contact us today and let us create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece for you.

Project Report:

We take immense pride in presenting our latest accomplishment: an awe-inspiring bespoke Dining Table that transcends conventional furniture design. Meticulously crafted for our client from an incredibly rare piece of solid Yew, this masterpiece showcases an exceptional slab of hand-selected stone seamlessly integrated into its surface.

About Our Tables

We understand that a high-end table should make you feel just the same as a piece of specially commissioned artwork – A beautiful centre-piece that’s the perfect size and shape for your space, tailored to the everyday needs of you and your family, and customised to your exact style and taste. 

Here at Sorrell & Smith, we specialise in creating one-off rustic furniture pieces with live / waney edges, using only the highest quality wood, finished to a show-stopping shine.

Handcrafted in the UK, we can make the table custom to your requirements, complete with custom fabricated beautiful legs, all with a quick 3-4 week turnaround and competitive pricing.

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live edge kitchen worktop solid wood luxury high end
pippy poplar dining table

Our centre-piece Tables are works of art, meticulously sculpted to millimetre perfection.

crafted from some of the world’s highest quality solid wood slabs.

These stunning pieces are sure to impress and leave a lasting impression on all who see them.

Some beautiful examples of our recent English elm Worktop projects:

bespoke dining table elm

Order a bespoke piece today – we can suit various budgets from £2,000 all the way to £10,000+ depending on the rarity of the wood and size of the table.

Live Edge Pippy Poplar dining Table
Live Edge Pippy Poplar dining Table
Live Edge Pippy Poplar dining Table

Indulge in the ultimate luxury with our handcrafted, bespoke products, designed in-house to meet your exact specifications. Elevate your space with one-of-a-kind, functional works of art crafted to your unique vision. Custom fabricated steel legs add a touch of elegance and sophistication, creating show-stopping, unique pieces that will exude elegance in any setting, on any occasion. Experience the epitome of exclusivity and refinement with a Sorrell & Smith Dining or Conference Table.


 The journey of each piece starts with sourcing and selecting the wood. This is no normal wood – only the rarest, most beautiful slabs are even considered.  We work with a variety of wood including English Elm, French Oak, Pippy Poplar, and more.  The history of the timber is hugely important – it’s age, where it was grown, when it was felled, and most importantly how it’s been seasoned.  We can provide all of this detail to you when you commission your table.

elm corner desk live edge custom bespoke motorized standing

Just like polishing a fine piece of jewellery, various grades are used to bring our furniture up to a fine high-gloss finish should it be required, to showcase the piece in all it’s glory. There’s no doubt that these are some of the most impressive, captivating dining tables offered in the UK.


We can help with a wide variety of projects to suit many use cases.

We can create ultra high-end furniture pieces with or without live edges, including:

Dining Tables
Office Desks
Conference Tables
Boardroom Tables
Coffee Tables
End Tables
TV / Television Tables
Reception Desks
Pub Tables and Bars
Kitchen Islands
Display Cabinets
Live Edge Mirrors and Wall Art

Detailed Tour: English Elm Dining Table created by Sorrell & Smith:

Detailed Tours: Live Edge Kitchen Island Worktops by Sorrell & Smith:

English Elm Worktop and Island

Detailed Tour: French Oak Dining Table created by Sorrell & Smith:

Detailed Tour: Pippy Poplar Dining Table created by Sorrell & Smith:

Bespoke English Elm Cocktail Bar with live edges

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Everything sold by Sorrell & Smith is hand-made.  As such, every piece we sell has unique character that goes along with the wood, resulting in every piece we sell being totally unique and one-of-a-kind.
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