English Elm

Here you can view a selection of English Elm Dining Tables and other projects we have expertly crafted for our esteemed clients. English Elm is renowned for its remarkable beauty and interesting live edges, an ideal choice for those looking for a real wow-factor table.

Characteristics of Elm:

  • Brown Colouring
  • Live Edges range from relatively straight to extremely ‘crazy’, and can be adjusted as per your requirements.
  • Super interesting grain patterns and incredible character
  • Very dense, very hard wearing.
  • Tables can be made using just two ultra-wide bookmatched slabs of Elm up to around 1.1m wide.  Depending on availability, we can sometimes source slabs wide enough to make the table up to 1.5m wide, using just 2-3 slabs.
  • We can customise your Elm project depending on whether you want ‘crazy’ live edges or a relatively ‘straight’ live edges.


English Elm Ultra-wide Live Edge Waney Edge Slabs

Due to the rarity of English Elm in such sizes, we always try to buy and hold stock of exceedingly large and rare slabs of English Elm.  You can find some image examples of some of our English Elm slabs that we have available at the gallery below.  N.B: This gallery below is not regularly updated – no matter what size of table you require, we will be able to source the perfect slabs for you to make a beautiful 2-slab bookmatched Elm table.