Bespoke Yew Dining Table: A Masterpiece by Sorrell & Smith

In this enlightening project report, we invite you to explore the exceptional creative prowess of Sorrell & Smith. Unleashing our boundless imagination and expertise, we showcase the remarkable capabilities of our team when given the freedom to bring unique visions to life. Scroll down to witness firsthand the artistry and innovation that define our company.

We are thrilled to unveil this exceptional table we created for our esteemed client. This is the culmination of over 500 man-hours of craftsmanship, Using only the most rare and beautiful wood slabs.

Under instruction from our client, we meticulously crafted a bespoke Dining Table that exceeds all expectations, fusing the timeless beauty and rarity of solid Yew, an intricately hand-selected stone inlay, and our signature gold tulip legs. This extraordinary table stands as a testament to the harmonious union of our expertise and our client’s unique vision.

  • Base: Gold Tulip Leg
  • Tabletop:  Exquisite, solid extra-wide Yew (an exceedingly rare find!)

  • Inlay:  Hand-selected solid Quartzite Stone

Initial Concept

From the outset, we were captivated by our client’s passion for creating a truly distinctive piece that would seamlessly blend artistry, elegance, and functionality. Working hand in hand, we embarked on an inspiring journey to transform their dreams into a tangible reality – a unique blend of three unique materials – Wood, Stone, and Metal.

We began by procuring the highest quality solid Yew, renowned for its beauty, extreme rarity, and durability. We shaped the wood to preserve its natural live edges while ensuring exceptional craftsmanship. 


We collaborated with our client to choose a solid stone inlay that perfectly complements the Yew surface. After an extensive search, we discovered a stunning stone with captivating patterns, bringing a touch of uniqueness to the table’s design.  This stone was hand-polished and cut to the exact size required.  Every swirl and pattern within the stone tells a story of geological time and natural splendor. Its distinct unmatched beauty, imparts an air of elegance and sophistication to the dining table, elevating it to a realm of true distinction.

Lastly, we used our beautiful gold tulip legs to add an elegant touch. The base was meticulously coated with radiant gold finish, enhancing the table’s sophistication and visual appeal.

The Build

To ensure a flawless finish, our artisans embarked on the task of infilling every little crack and crevice with black epoxy resin. This meticulous process involved carefully applying and shaping the resin, ensuring a seamless integration with the wood. The resin not only enhanced the table’s durability but also provided a striking visual contrast, accentuating the natural beauty of the Yew.

Next came the delicate art of sanding. Our skilled craftsmen employed a combination of hand sanding and precision tools to achieve a smooth and flawless surface. This painstaking step required patience and expertise to ensure that each curve, corner, and edge boasted a flawless finish, ready to showcase the table’s exquisite design.


The result of this meticulous artistry and precise execution is a bespoke Dining Table that transcends expectations. Every crack, crevice, and channel has been thoughtfully attended to, allowing the table to shine as a true testament to our craftsmanship.

We extend our deepest gratitude to our esteemed client for their unwavering trust throughout this journey. Their discerning taste and shared passion have elevated this dining table to extraordinary heights.

Thank you for joining us on this captivating journey of creation. We hope that the story behind this bespoke Dining Table has ignited your imagination and appreciation for the boundless possibilities that can be achieved through ordering a bespoke furniture piece from our company.

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