Cedar of Lebanon

Here you can view a selection of Cedar of Lebanon Dining Tables and other projects we have expertly crafted for our esteemed clients. Cedar of Lebanon is renowned for its remarkable beauty and interesting live edges, an ideal choice for those looking for a real wow-factor table.

We can also source a number of huge Cedar of Lebanon slabs up to 6m x 1.4m, allowing for incredibly large banquet table projects, etc.

Characteristics of Cedar:

  • Fairly light colouring but can be stained darker to any shade.
  • Relatively uniform Live Edges
  • Super interesting grain patterns and incredible character
  • Very dense, very hard wearing.
  • We have some HUGE Single-Slabs available which can be used to make a single-slab table up to 6m x 1.4m
  • We can customise your Cedar project depending on whether you want ‘crazy’ live edges or a relatively ‘straight’ live edges.
  • We can source ‘cracked’ cedar slabs which we can infuse with black epoxy resin and turn into a super characterful table.


Cedar of Lebanon Ultra-wide Live Edge Slabs

Below you can find some images of some of our Cedar slabs that we have available, which we can use to make you a monster single-slab table like the examples above.

We can source a wide range of slabs to make a table of any desired size, up to 6m x 1.4m