About Us

Sorrell & Smith Furniture Co. is unlike any other furniture maker in the UK.

While many companies pump out “hand built” furniture, put together poorly, from cheap materials, Sorrell & Smith do it differently.  We put obsessive care into every piece that we make, using only the very best materials.  As a result, the end products are show-stopping centrepieces that can set off any luxury dining room.

Since 2015

The Woodcraft Experts

Premium Materials

Only the finest quality Oak is selected for our Oak furniture

An eye for detail

Our products are crafted meticulously by hand, sanded and finished to a world-class standard.

Beauty from Simplicity

We focus our designs on minimalistic but modern centrepieces which retain the feeling of spaciousness in any area.

What We Do

Who are Sorrell & Smith?

Sorrell & Smith was born out of a partnership between master craftsman Sam Sorrell and experienced marketeer Corey Smith.

Together, they have built a luxury furniture brand which has been gaining hundreds of satisfied customers since 2015.

Our Experience

With over 15 years of combined industry experience, we keep our reputation strong by making sure that every piece to leave our workshop is deserving of the Sorrell & Smith name.  We do this by ensuring only the finest standards of workmanship

Where are we based

All of the furniture sold by Sorrell & Smith is handcrafted in the UK, in our workshop based in Wickford, Essex.  We never import other’s furniture.  We handcraft everything we sell, in order to ensure only the finest quality.


A dining room is one of the most important rooms in a house.  Where the family come together to eat, it makes sense that a beautiful centrepiece such as a Sorrell & Smith Dining Table can set the room off, such that guests often comment on the furniture, and cannot resist but to run their hands along the surface.

At Sorrell & Smith we understand the natural beauty that can be found in nature.  As such, it makes sense for us to craft our dining tables to look as if a tree has unfolded itself, with all the grain intact and aligned, finished beautifully so that the simple beauty of the outdoors is shown in your home.

Our Formula

Sorrell & Smith are a luxury furniture maker which specialise in making furniture from only the best materials on offer.

Every piece we make must have the element of luxury.

We work hard to deliver the best value for money possible for our customers, while not sacrificing on build quality or cutting any corners.

We subject every piece of furniture to rigorous quality checks. This ensures that every table to leave our workshop is destined to last for generations.

Meet Our Team

Sam Sorrell

Co-Founder, Chief Craftsman

With over 10 years of experience, Sam Sorrell crafts furniture pieces which are a cut above what is usually seen on the market.  Every piece of furniture sold by Sorrell & Smith is not just a piece of woodwork.  It is an art piece.  With every Sorrell & Smith furniture piece overseen by Sam, or made personally by himself, Sam ensures that every piece of furniture is crafted to the utmost quality and deserving of his stamp.

Corey Smith

Co-founder, Marketing, Sales and Investment

With a vast history of business and sales experience, Corey utilises his expertise to bring the Sorrell & Smith brand into national recognition as a premium luxury furniture brand.

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