Dark Oak Floating Shelf (Solid French Oak) | Cocoa | Handmade in UK with Live Edge


Cocoa is the name of our flagship solid French Oak floating shelf, stained to a dark Walnut colour.
Order now and we will custom make the shelf for you immediately – receive it within 5-7 days!

Price is based on default length. We can make your shelf to any size – just enter your required length in the calculator near the ‘Add to Cart’ Button to get a price.

Beautifully characterised by a live edge and made from 100% solid French Oak throughout, this is our best-selling multi-purpose shelf.  This shelf is ideal as either a one-off piece, or as multiple smaller shelves which can be stacked or staggered on a wall to make a real style statement.


This product is a genuine Sorrell & Smith furniture piece, which means you can expect our high standard of quality and workmanship, backed by our robust guarantee.

Order now and we will custom make the shelf for you immediately - receive it within 5-7 days!

Handmade at Sorrell & Smith Furniture Co, this product has the following qualities:

  • Made from 100% solid oak, carefully selected by Sorrell & Smith for maximum quality and unique character.
  • Thickness is approx 45-50mm
  • Shelf is approximately 22-25cm deep (this is how far it protrudes from the wall). Just add a note or get in touch to request a custom depth.
  • Length is custom as per your order.
  • Hand made, with no robotic machinery used.
  • Floating Shelf Design means that the shelf can be easily and securely fixed to your wall without any bracket visible.
  • Finished to be beautifully smooth while preserving the natural grain and knots in the wood to bring out incredibly beautiful character.
  • Custom made for every order, just for you.
  • Floating shelf brackets and fixings included with every order.

Length is 50cm by default - please enter a custom size into the calculator to order at a custom size.

Is It Real Solid French Oak?

Yes!  Our Rustic Oak Shelves are full of natural character and knots, with contrasting colour tones and oak's trademark long flowing grain patterns running the full length and thickness of the Shelf.  Each shelf is made from one solid piece of high quality French Oak.  We stain the Oak to a dark Walnut colour which gives it a look and feel that is almost identical to real solid walnut, but a much lower price.

We as your furniture maker are your guardian angel when it comes to French Oak because of the large variation in quality. Because of our confidence in our timber supplier, we provide you with a solid guarantee on its longevity.

Is It Really Handmade?

Sorrell & Smith hand make all of our products.  This means that no robotic machinery is used at any point in producing our products.  Because each piece of wood has natural character, every single piece that leaves our workshop is a one-off piece which has unique character with the knots and swirls.

While many companies pump out “hand built” furniture, put together poorly, from cheap materials, Sorrell & Smith do it differently.  We put obsessive care into every piece that we make, using only the very best materials.  As a result, the end products are show-stopping centrepieces that can set off any living space.

You can have all of our shelves made to any size. We offer some size recommendations for this model, but don't hesitate to get in touch should you require a bespoke size.

What Is "Live Edge"?

Live edge or natural edge is a style of woodwork where our talented craftsmen incorporate the natural edge of the wood into the design of the piece. There are special challenges involved in creating this type of piece, and Sorrell & Smith have finessed the perfect method for bringing out the natural character of the wood while leaving an impeccably luxurious finish.

Why Buy a Sorrell & Smith?

There are other seemingly similar alternatives, but these do not match our strict criteria and build quality. Put simply, we will only use materials that are of the highest quality, and that we are confident you will never need to replace.

Our comprehensive guarantee and an aftercare service is in place to ensure that your shelf stays looking good and lasts you for a lifetime.