Brown Oak Live Edge Luxury Floating Shelf | Handmade to Custom Size

Elegance is the name of our flagship solid Brown Oak floating shelf.
Order now and we will custom make the shelf for you immediately – receive it within 2-3 days!

Exquisitely characterized by a live edge and crafted from 100% solid Brown Oak, this is our best-selling versatile shelf option. Whether chosen as a singular statement piece or as an arrangement of smaller shelves, the Sallek collection lends itself to be stacked or staggered on a wall, creating an impactful style statement.

Artisan-Crafted at Sorrell & Smith Furniture Co, this product boasts the following attributes:

  • Made from 100% solid oak in the rich hue of Brown Oak, meticulously curated by Sorrell & Smith for utmost quality and distinctive allure.
  • Approximate thickness of 45-50mm
  • Shelf depth ranges between approximately 22-25cm. (this is how far it protrudes from the wall) but can be adjusted to suit, just let us know when you place the order!
  • Length tailored to your specifications.
  • Handcrafted, without the intervention of automated machinery.
  • The ingenious Floating Shelf Design ensures seamless and secure wall attachment, concealing all visible brackets.
  • Expertly finished for a sumptuously smooth texture, while artfully preserving the wood’s innate grain and knots, accentuating its remarkable character.
  • Individually tailored for each order, crafted exclusively for you.
  • Floating shelf brackets and mounting hardware thoughtfully included with every order.


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This product is a genuine Sorrell & Smith furniture piece, which means you can expect our high standard of quality and workmanship, backed by our robust guarantee.

Order now and we will custom make the shelf for you immediately - receive it within 2-3 days!

Is It Real Solid Oak?

Absolutely! Our Rustic Oak Shelves are rich with natural character and knots, showcasing the delightful interplay of hues and the signature long, flowing grain patterns inherent to oak. Each shelf is meticulously crafted from a single, premium piece of high-quality Brown Oak.

At Sorrell & Smith, we stand as your custodians of exceptional European Brown Oak. With our unwavering confidence in our timber source, we extend to you a steadfast guarantee of its enduring quality.

Is It Really Handmade?

All Sorrell & Smith creations are painstakingly handcrafted. This means that no automated machinery intervenes in the crafting process. As every piece of wood possesses its own unique character, each creation that emerges from our workshop is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece adorned with distinctive knots and swirls.

While many companies churn out "hand built" furniture hastily assembled from subpar materials, Sorrell & Smith operates with a different ethos. We lavish meticulous care on every piece we create, employing only the finest materials. The outcome is a collection of awe-inspiring focal points that effortlessly elevate any living space.

You have the liberty to customize the dimensions of all our shelves, tailored to your preferences. While we offer size recommendations for this model, feel free to contact us for bespoke dimensions.

What Is "Live Edge"?

Live edge or natural edge represents a woodwork style where our skilled artisans integrate the wood's inherent edge into the design of the piece. Crafting such pieces presents unique challenges, and Sorrell & Smith has masterfully honed a technique that magnifies the wood's innate character while delivering a flawlessly opulent finish.

Why Choose Elegance from Sorrell & Smith?

While other ostensibly similar options exist, they fail to meet our stringent criteria and construction standards. In essence, we exclusively select materials of unparalleled quality, materials that we are confident will never warrant replacement.

Backed by our comprehensive guarantee and dedicated aftercare service, your Elegance Brown Oak Shelf is destined to retain its allure and serve you across a lifetime.